Hongyuan Plastics Stuff Co. Ltd. in Weifang City always insists that taking the market as the guide, taking qualified personnel as the basis, taking development as the most important aim. The company has enlarged production scale and develop new product without any interruption to realize steady, continuous, development with high-speed in the market economic tide.

      Look back the past, the sweat watered harvest and the effort was returned. Today’s Hong Yuan has grown up on the basis scientific management, technical innovation, the support of working staff, domestic and abroad friend. Now on behalf of the company, I thank all friends sincerely.
Look forward to the future, we’ll insist the idea of which controlling market with fine quality product, winning client with honesty and credit. The tomorrow of Hong Yuan will be developed continuously and perfected day by day with more scientific, advanced, reasonable operating pattern.

      On behalf all staff of Hongyuan I promise to undertake seriously: Our company will keep promise as before. We’d like to set up great business with domestic and abroad customers with fine product, reasonable price, completely service after sales.

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