1-6 month plastic products total exports increased by 4.5% year on year

General Administration of Customs of the latest data show that in June 2015 China's exports of plastic products, 85 million tons, 3 million tons down from the previous month, an increase of 4.9%; from January to June plastic products cumulative export 471 million tons, an increase of 4.5%.
June 2015 China's imports of primary shape of plastic 2080000 tons, a decrease of 70000 tons last month, an increase of 1.5%; 1-6 month primary shape of plastic imports 13150000 tons, an increase of 2.9%.
In June, China's natural and synthetic rubber imports 330000 tons, an increase of 17.9%; 1-6 month China's natural and synthetic rubber imports 1940000 tons, down 10.4%.

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