BMSC-100 resin

Bentonite Modified Starch Composite (BMSC)
BMSC is a complete biodegradable material produced by melt intercalation and plastic extrusion process. The material does not contain polyolefin plastic, which is cost-effective, antistatic, low-carbon and so on. This material is derived from renewable resources, in natural or soil composting and other specific conditions to complete the degradation, into carbon dioxide and water and other harmless substances.
Application effect:
 1, can be blended with a variety of bio-based resin, such as PLA, PCL, PBS, PHA, PVA, PPC, etc., from the earliest filler material into a thermoplastic material.
2, in the blow molding, injection molding, extrusion sheet, foam and other fields for processing products;
3, to achieve complete biodegradation, the final generation of H2O, CO2, after the waste without any pollution, is the true sense of the complete degradation of plastic.
BMSC-100 resin
Thermoplastic total starch resin is mainly used to solve the current market, the existence of biodegradable materials (such as: PLA, PBAT, PCL, PBS, PHA, etc.) high cost. After modification can be in the processing process with the existing bio-based materials to a certain ratio of mixed processing.

project Value
Melting point 5~15g/10min·190℃·5000g
Melting point 165~180℃
Density 1.3~1.45g/cm³

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