Plasticity of polyvinyl alcohol

Plasticity of polyvinyl alcohol
         Plastic Polyvinyl alcohol is a special process of processing, can be quickly degraded by natural factors of new environmentally friendly packaging materials. Can be through natural factors (such as: microbial, water, oxygen, etc.) role, quickly self-denaturation, decomposition, degradation of low molecular compounds, and has the role of improved soil, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials.
Plasticity polyvinyl alcohol resin
         Plastic Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) resin can fully meet the different needs of blown film, double pull film and injection molding products. Product flow is good, processing performance and stability, can significantly reduce the comprehensive cost.

 project Value
Melting point 1.2~5g/10min·190℃·5000g
Melting point 170~180℃
Stretch light (horizontal / vertical) ≥20MPa(湿度45~60)
density 1.2~1.28g/cm³

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